emono_omae (emono_omae) wrote in pete_n_patrickx,

9 Sins with FOB and PATD

Title: 9 Sins with Fall Out Boy...and a dash of Panic at the Disco!
Subtitle: Cause 9 is enough sins for one sitting....10 would be overkill ;)
Rating: NC-17 (Brendon’s got a dirty mouth at one point)
Pairing: Pete/Patrick, Brendon/Ryan; Also mentioned -Pete/Ashlee and Pete/Ryan, a small hint of Gerard/Patrick, implied John Mayer/Patrick, Eminem/John Mayer, Pete/Brendon
Warnings: Drug use, angst, screaming, tears, cheating, and crack
Disclaimer: I don’t claim to own it, the boys practically project it. Have you seen the live shows? Yeah, speaks for themselves. If anything, Patrick Stump is in my closet, I merely rent him out to Gerard Way and Pete once and awhile.
Notes: I’m sorry, it was supposed to be pure Peterick...but I kinda fell in love with Gerard Way along the way and he’s in here a bit. But it’s purely Peterick in the end on the FOB parts.

Part I: http://creative-emono.livejournal.com/5548.html#cutid1
Part II: http://creative-emono.livejournal.com/5684.html

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