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Finders Keepers - Chapter Seven

Title: Finders Keepers - Chapter Seven
Author: helena_suicide
Pairing: Pete/Patrick, Patrick/OFC
Rating: R will do
POV: Third
Summary: The line between revenge and reality begins to blur
Disclaimer: Not true, don't own, don't sue (Thanks to the commentor who was impressed with this line)
Author Notes: Should be a bit longer, 'cause I stuck two chapters together. Next one has not been written yet so there may be a wait.
Warnings: Sexual references, dark themes, physical abuse (tiny bit)

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Author's Note: I know it's been a while since I updated, my apologies. This chapter has actually been sitting on my computer for a little while, but I was keeping from posting it until I'd written the next chapter. I haven't yet, but oh well. Enjoy.
Thanks to all my commentors.


“Your idea?” Pete narrows his eyes, “I should have known that Patrick would be too loyal to do this.”
“Patrick isn’t exactly against it” Jade replies and Pete slaps her across the face, out of nowhere. She gasps, holding the side of her face and glaring at Pete.
“You’re insane!” Jade cries, “You’re fucking crazy!”
She pulls back from Pete when he goes to hit her again, backing into the door. Pete advances on her and wraps one hand around her throat, pushing her hard against the door.
“You and Patrick can keep up the little charade of yours as long as you want. It changes nothing!” Pete hisses.
Jade struggles and Pete holds her there for a moment longer, then releases her.
She coughs, holding her throat, then, through gritted teeth she spits, “We’ll see about that.”
Jade leaves Pete’s room, slamming the door behind her.

“Jade?” Patrick asks sleepily as he wakes up, “Did you go somewhere before?”
Jade looks at him from where she’s curled up the chair by the window, “No,” she lies, “Anyway, are you feeling…okay?”
“I’ve gotten over it many times before and I will again” Patrick replies, his voice resigned.
Jade shakes her heard and gazes out the hotel window.

As Jade watches Fall Out Boy play from side of stage, she can’t help but notice how Pete has been all over Patrick for the whole show. It could hardly be missed; the crowd’s lapping it up.
Jade feels Pete’s eyes on her every time he touches Patrick, gloating.
But when they come offstage, Patrick kisses her, long and deep. She is left a little breathless and doesn’t miss Patrick’s smirk, just as she didn’t miss Pete’s rigid face as he stalked past.

When Patrick tells Jade about his new idea for their plan she just stares at him.
“What?” Patrick asks.
“I…no way. No way.”
“But it’s perfect!”
“I don’t know if I want to be on the red carpet, exposed to the public and the paparazzi” Jade protests, squirming at the thought.
“It’s just some charity thing.”
“I have nothing to wear.”
Patrick stares her down, “Jade, that is a very lame excuse.”
There is a few moment of silence as Patrick continues to stare at Jade.
“Fine! I’ll do it.”
Patrick grabs her suddenly, kissing her cheek, Jade blushes and starts to pull away when she sees Pete at the doorway. She turns back to Patrick and kisses him, pressing herself against him, she deepens the kiss quickly. Patrick kisses back, hesitating at first in surprise.
Pete doesn’t move from the doorway as Patrick presses Jade up against the opposite wall and kisses her neck. Jade tenses a little as Pete’s eyes burns into hers from across the room.
“Why don’t you just fuck him right here?” Pete says coldly.
Jade feels Patrick flinch against her, shocked. He turns to Pete, “What are you doing, man?”
“Oh, so that wasn’t a show for my benefit?”
“No!” Patrick scoffs.
Pete raises an eyebrow at Jade, “Whatever you say.”
Patrick turns to Jade, understanding and a trace of hurt on his face, “I’ll…see you later.”
He walks out and Pete smirks at Jade from the doorway before turning and following Patrick.
Jade sighs, slumping onto the couch.
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