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Dream Series

Title: 6 Screwed Up Dreams Patrick Has That Leads To Love

Author: Emono
Pairing: Peterick, faint Andy/Joe
Rating: overall, NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing; all I have is my poetic license and the first amendment.

Notes: This series is about...well, six different dreams Patrick has. It was supposed to be “Six Mythical Creatures Pete Turns Into”, but that sounded stupid and I really wanted to do a Pickpocket thing. So here are six dreams, and they are all Pete/Patrick. Oh, but the quick back-story, Patrick and Pete are together as a couple, but both of them are just expecting it to be a bad fling. So this is basically just another Realizing-Love Story.

Part I:  http://creative-emono.livejournal.com/567.html#cutid1
Part II: http://creative-emono.livejournal.com/3269.html#cutid1
Part III: http://creative-emono.livejournal.com/3404.html
Part IV: http://creative-emono.livejournal.com/3639.html
Part V: http://creative-emono.livejournal.com/3864.html#cutid1

Part VI: http://creative-emono.livejournal.com/4226.html

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