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Finders Keepers - Chapter Nine

Title: Finders Keepers - Chapter Nine
Author: helena_suicide
Pairing: Pete/Patrick, Patrick/OFC
Rating: R
POV: Third
Summary: The fallout from the charity event fiasco
Disclaimer: Not true, don't own, don't sue
Author Notes: Another longer chapter. By the way, this is probably AU, as it doesn't really have a realistic timeline.
Warnings: Sexual references, coarse language

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Author's Note: Hope you guys are enjoying my new and improved longer chapters, the next one isn't finished yet, so there may be a delay in updating. Enjoy.


‘Mystery Girl Can’t Choose A Fall Out Boy’

This is what the front page headline of the crappy tabloid newspaper shoved under the hotel room door screams up at Jade.
Sighing, she begins to read.

‘Sparks were set to fly last night at the Invisible Children charity event when a mysterious girl appeared to be ‘enjoying’ the company of not one, but two Fall Out boys.
The cheater in question, identified only as Jade, arrived on the arm of Fall Out singer Patrick Stump, who told the media, “We’re very happy. This looks to be the beginning of something special.”

However, it seemed to be a very short-lived happiness, as Jade was photographed locking lips with Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz less than an hour later!
Jade and Wentz’ questionable liaison continued back at the emo rockers’ hotel where they were spotted getting cosy on the roof.

Exclusive photos, page 3.’

The article is accompanied with a photograph of Jade and Patrick on the red carpet together, next to a photo of Pete kissing Jade.

“Hey, what’s this?” Patrick takes the newspaper out of her hands before Jade has time to even think of stopping him.
Patrick’s face darkens as he reads.
He flips to page three then drops the newspaper on the bed, looking up at Jade.
“I couldn’t sleep, so I went up to the roof. He took me by surprise” Jade explains, defensive.
Patrick sighs, suddenly looking very tired.
“Look Jade, if you want to be with him, just go. I don’t know if this has been a big game for you or what, but maybe you should just go back to Pete.”
“ ‘Back to Pete’? I don’t recall ever being with Pete.”
“I’m not surprised; you were off your face.”
Jade’s eyes widen slightly, filling with shock and hurt.
“Patrick…” she reaches out to him and he stands up, pulling away from her.
“Just fuck off back to Pete!” Patrick yells.
“Patrick, I don’t want Pete! I never did! That’s why we started this plan, to get back at him for hurting us, we – “
Patrick cuts her off, “You don’t know shit about being hurt by Pete!”
Jade stands now too, “I don’t know Patrick, I’m pretty sure he fucked me just as hard as he fucks you!”
This silences Patrick, he and Jade stare at each other, both panting slightly in the exertion of anger.
“I’m…I’m sorry, Patrick…”
Patrick stalks past Jade and out of the room.
Jade takes a deep breath and bursts into tears.

After a few hours of lying around feeling sorry for herself, Jade drags herself up and goes for a shower.
When she comes out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel, she is startled into almost dropped said towel when she sees Pete lounging on the unmade bed.
Jade recovers herself and glares at him, “What the hell do you want?”
Pete adopts a mockingly pious expression, “You’re really hurt Patrick’s feelings, Jade. He’s been with me for hours, trying to…forget about you.”
Pete’s mouth twists into a predatory smirk and Jade feels ill.
Flashes of Patrick, pinned beneath Pete, groaning and shining with sweat attack Jade’s mind and she shakes her head slightly, trying to will them away.
“What do you want, Pete?” she says.
“Nothing, I just wanted to see if you enjoyed your morning’s reading” his foot casually nudges the tabloid still lying on the bed, open to the photos of him and Jade on the roof.
Jade has already assumed that Pete was the one who had pushed the newspaper under their hotel door, but now a new revelation hits her.
“You knew… You knew that we would be photographed on the roof!”
“Knew about it?” Pete shakes his head, sighing, then breaks out into a smirk, “I called them.”
“Get the fuck out!” Jade screams.
Pete laughs at her, getting up and going to the door, he pauses just outside the door.
“I’ll tell Patrick that-“
Jade slams the door in his face but still hears him.
“-you miss him”
She sits down with her back against the door and wonders how she came to be sitting in a hotel room miles from her hometown, wearing only a towel and trapped in a psychotic love triangle.

After getting dressed, Jade realizes that she can’t bear to stay in the hotel room anymore and makes her way downstairs to take advantage of the hotel’s buffet lunch.
But once she arrives there and sees all the food laid out, Jade doesn’t feel hungry at all and goes to make herself a coffee instead.
It’s at the coffeemaker that she comes face to face with Patrick.
He looks worn out, his lips are swollen and he’s hatless, his hair messy.
Jade swallows and doesn’t know what to say, so they stare at each other a moment longer before Patrick takes his cup of coffee and walks off.
“Wait,” Jade calls after him, but her voice cracks and she can hardly be heard, “Wait, Patrick, please.”
He stops but doesn’t turn around, Jade feels vaguely embarrassed to be trying to address this at the public buffet lunch.
Some people are watching them curiously, some glaring at Jade; it’s obvious that her and Patrick weren’t the only ones to receive the tabloid that morning.
“Will you come and talk to me?” Jade asks hesitantly.
Patrick finally turns to face her, “Fine. The hotel room, five minutes.”

“You’re such a fucking hypocrite!”
Jade and Patrick’s five minutes talk has turned into a screaming match.
‘I’m a hypocrite?! You say to me, “Oh, we have to get back at Pete, why don’t we pretend to be a couple?” Then you fucking cheat on our fake relationship with him!” Patrick retorts furiously.
“You’re angry at me about that so you run to fucking Pete! You make no goddamn sense!”
“Why are you even sill here?! It’s obvious that you’re never going to have your fucking singing career!”
Jade inhales sharply, as if she’d been hit, Patrick had just violently exposed what she had been secretly fearing for a while.
She blinks rapidly, trying to force back the rears.
Patrick’s face softens a little; he starts to looks slightly guilty.
“Jade, I-“
She shakes her head and interrupts him, “I’d better go find that out for myself.”
She walks out of the hotel room, leaving Patrick wishing he’d kept his mouth shut.

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